Uzbekistan Airways is the largest airline company of Uzbekistan. It has the status of a Joint Stock Company. The fleet includes such aircraft as Boeing 767/787, Airbus A320ceo/320neo/321neo/A330, L-410, ATR-72.

The airline carried 4.2 million passengers in 2022. It is constantly expanding its route network, aircraft fleet and improving its service. Ensuring flight safety always remains an unchanged priority.

Uzbekistan Airways performs scheduled, charter passenger and cargo transportation, including low-cost Uzbekistan Airways Express.

Uzbekistan Airways also includes the following companies: Uzbekistan Helicopters LLC, Uzbekistan Airways Technics LLC, Catering LLC, and Training Center LLC.

The airline, which was established in 1992, always follows the slogan – “Safety. Stability. Comfort”.  More than 30 years ago Uzbekistan Airways set a course to modernize its aircraft fleet and started active cooperation with the largest aircraft building companies in the world – Boeing and Airbus. The airline opened representative offices in foreign countries, actively explored international routes and met social and economic challenges in ensuring transport accessibility of cities and regional centers of Uzbekistan.

Today, the airline’s aircraft operate flights to more than 50 cities around the world, and the number of passengers carried in 2022 exceeded 4 million people. Uzbekistan Airways confidently continues its successful development: new destinations are being opened, the number of passengers is growing, the fleet of aircraft is being replenished, and the company’s position in the international air transportation market is increasingly strengthening.

The airline pays great attention to flight safety. The skills of Uzbekistan Airways’ pilots are well known worldwide and highly appreciated by international organizations. The airline’s own base of training, education and advanced training of aviation personnel helps to achieve such results. The Training Center has a professional teaching staff, a modern training complex, where 24 hours a day, 7 days a week lessons on procedural and full-featured simulators are carried out. All courses conducted at the Training Center are approved by the administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan and are conducted in strict compliance with ICAO and IOSA standards.

Uzbekistan Airways has repeatedly won various international diplomas and certificates for achievements in the field of aviation flight safety. In 2017, for the first time in its history, the airline operated its first direct non-stop flight on the route Tashkent – New York – Tashkent on Dreamliner aircraft. Today, Dreamliner successfully operate flights to Dubai, Delhi, Amritsar, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Frankfurt, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The airline can also be proud of its aircraft repair and maintenance division, Uzbekistan Airways Technics, thanks to which the airline can independently and qualitatively maintain the airworthiness of its aircraft. The aircraft repair facility holds all necessary certificates of international level and is the only one in Central Asia where heavy maintenance of almost all types of Western-made aircraft is performed. Uzbekistan Airways Technics maintains about 200 airplanes annually.

“Every passenger is important to us!” – this motto always remains relevant for the airline not only in matters of safety and personnel qualification, but also in the activities of the Catering enterprise, which provides delicious food on board the aircraft. All products are carefully checked for compliance with international technological standards and norms when developing the ration and preparing meals for passengers. The menu for passengers always has a national flavor. Passengers are offered pilaf, mini-breads and samsa, oriental sweets and fruits.

Uzbekistan Airways contributes to the development of the country’s tourism potential. In order to enhance the image of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international tourism arena, Uzbekistan Airways is constantly working to expand the geography of flights, concludes agreements with foreign partners, and actively promotes its services at all major international exhibitions. Development of domestic tourism is also one of the priority directions of Uzbekistan Airways. The airline’s route network includes both international and intrarepublican destinations directly through regional centers bypassing the base airport of Tashkent.

Uzbekistan Airways plans to receive new airplanes and open regular flights to Munich, Ankara and Phuket.

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