Rules for visitors at TITF 2024


1.1 These rules outline the terms and conditions for TITF-2024 (hereafter referred to as the fair), which is organised by the The State Unitary Enterprise “National PR-Centre” under the Tourism Committee under the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of Uzbekistan (hereafter referred to as the organiser).

1.2 Visitors must familiarise themselves with the rules and accept them prior to visiting the fair.

1.3 Additional rules of the venue where the fair is held apply as long as they do not contradict these rules.


2.1 The basis for admission to the Event is a badge -– identification of the visitor, containing information about his surname, first name and if applicable, the organization that the visitor is representing.

2.2 The badge can be received by the participant at the registration desk at the entrance to the fair, subject to registration on the TITF-2024 website.

2.3 Visitors are forbidden to transfer the badge to another person. The Organizer has the right to check the correspondence of the surname and first name indicated on the badge, the surname and name of the visitor, for which the person controlling the passage to the Event has the right to require the visitor to present an identity document.

2.4 In case the badge is lost, the visitor should contact the registration desk to restore it for the event.


3.1 Visiting the fair by persons under the age of eighteen is possible only if adults accompany them

3.2 The Organizer has the right to establish age restrictions on the admission of visitors to the fair in cases provided for by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 22.10.2018 No. 848 “On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and / or Development”.


4.1 Visitors are obliged to observe public order on the territory of the exhibition complex in which the fair is held and on the adjacent territory, as well as to comply with the legal orders of the Organizer and the administration of the exhibition complex.

4.2 Visitors are prohibited from:

4.2.1 Bringing to the territory of the fair any types of firearms, gas and edged weapons;

4.2.2 Bringing explosives, flammable materials, and pyrotechnics of any kind, as well as toxic, poisonous, or caustic substances.

4.2.3 Carrying and consuming alcohol or narcotics , or being in a state of intoxication.

4.2.4 Bringing animals.

4.2.5 Crossing roads at points other than marked pedestrian crossings.

4.2.6 Acting in way which threatens the safety or property of event organisers, exhibitors, or other attendees.

4.2.7 Leaving children unattended.

4.2.8 Organising or conducting unauthorised rallies, demonstrations, or other protests, or promotional events.

4.2.9 Begging, polluting, or littering.

4.2.10 Wearing dirty clothes, or carrying items which may stain the person or property of other attendees.

4.2.11 Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, except for in designated areas.

4.3 If you find abandoned or suspicious items, you must immediately inform a member of staff.

4.4 Visitors must familiarise themselves with the fire evacuation plans placed at the entrance to the fair.

4.5 In the case of emergency, visitors must comply with instructions provided by the event organisers and/or representatives of the venue.


5.1 Visitors may be denied access to, or removed from, the event in the following cases:

5.1.1 When trying to enter the fair with prohibited items;

5.1.2 When committing actions that violate public order;

5.1.3 When not complying with these rules, requirements of the event organiser, or the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5.2 If a visitor commits a crime whilst at the fair, he may be transferred to law enforcement officials.

5.3 Material damage caused to the fair venue, its contents, or to attendees is subject to compensation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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