✅Granting your company, the status of Premium Partner

✅Mention of the Premium Partner in all fair press releases

✅Granting the Premium Partner, the right to use the fair logo indicating their status in their advertising campaign

✅Provision of 1 (one) page in the electronic fair participant catalog for information and logo placement

✅Right to distribute Premium Partner advertising materials by promoters from the partner on the fairgrounds

✅Opportunity to set up advertising structures inside the pavilion

✅Article in a special issue of the Uzbekistan Travel magazine

✅Provision of 3 (three) invitation tickets to the evening reception on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Partner’s logo BEFORE the exhibition:

✅In the official electronic exhibition catalog under the “Partners” section with status indication

✅On the official exhibition website on the “Partners” page with a hyperlink to the partner company’s website

✅In official press releases and posts of the exhibition


Partner’s logo AT the exhibition:

✅In the event program

✅On street banners and posters

✅On LED screens on the fairgrounds

✅On the exhibition pavilion map

✅In the electronic catalog


Additional opportunities provided to the Premium Partner:

✅Placement of a promotional video (30 sec) on screens and in social media of the fair

✅Placement of an electronic banner on the fair’s website (with a link to the partner’s website)

✅Partnership photo and video report (video coverage and a package of processed photographs)

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