Location: “UzExpoCentre”, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Venue:  Pavilion No. 2, Main Stage

Date and time: November 15, 14:00 – 15:30


The 28th Tashkent International Tourism Fair “Tourism on the Silk Road” will be held from November 15 to 17 and will provide industry professionals with a platform to understand the importance of culture in the development of the country’s tourism sector. In the highly anticipated first session, experts from various regions will share their knowledge and experience regarding tourism and culture.

Kenan Guluzade, Advisor to the Chairman of the State Agency for Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will captivate the audience with his presentation on “Tourism Products on the Silk Road.” Drawing on Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage and historical ties to the Silk Road, it will provide visitors with a unique tourism offering from the region.

Mikhail Koplatadze, Deputy Chairman of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Koplatadze’s presentation on “Batumi as a tourist destination of four seasons” promises to showcase the hidden gems and vibrant cultural traditions of Batumi, a region located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia.

Tatyana Lidyaeva, Deputy Head of the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, will represent Belarus with the presentation “Discover Belarus”. Known for its pristine natural beauty and rich historical heritage, Belarus has much to offer to inquisitive travelers.

Umid Shadiev, Chairman of the Tourism Committee under the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change of the Republic of Uzbekistan, will enrich the session with his experience. As the birthplace of the Silk Road, Uzbekistan holds a special place in the hearts of travelers seeking to discover ancient trade routes. Shadiev’s presentation will shed light on the country’s exceptional tourism products, from the majestic cities of Samarkand and Bukhara to the tranquil beauty of the Aral Sea region.

The session will be gracefully and competently moderated by Sophie Ibbotson. With extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, Ibbotson will provide a dynamic and engaging discussion that explores the vital role of culture in tourism development in countries along the Silk Road.

From Azerbaijan to Georgia, Belarus to Uzbekistan, each speaker will offer a unique perspective on cultural tourism, allowing participants to gain valuable insight and forge new connections in this thriving industry.

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